Free Online Browser Converter for Audio Files. Convert between any Audio Formats

Welcome to the online browser audio converter - Our online converter helps you convert a big number of audio formats in real time. The only thing you need is to select or drag files to the converter, choose the correct settings and wait until the files are ready to be downloaded in the required audio format.

Usually other online converters send your files to be downloaded to an external server where they are converted. We do not recommend using these services as your files can happen to be discovered by other people. The main feature of our converter is that it does not upload files to the server for processing. The process takes place on the client side, that is, in your browser. You should not worry that someone gets the access to your files. All conversion of audio files takes place uniquely in your browser in online mode. The conversion process in the browser is very hard and time-consuming. It takes more time than in applications and audio conversion programs.

We support a huge number of media file formats that you can convert to MP3, OGG, WAV, AAC, AC3, WMA, M4A and M4R - iPhone ringtone. We are also working on the service improvement and increase of supported formats. If you think that our service of music and sounds conversion needs to be improved you may contact us. We will be glad to hear your feedback and suggestions.